Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Donate a Car for a Good Cause

In our existence in this material world, Most of us we’re not born with a silver spoon in our mouth. After that it’s easily understandable that one way or the other, we have disparate circumstances that we have to find an answer to. Incidentally, we also have different approaches, how we find a solution or a way of dealing with our specific issues. For that matter, even though we’re luckily born in the First World country, we’re not spared of the sufferings that affect the human race. We hate to witness hunger, pestilence, political struggle and conflicts between two inimical nations just to mention a few. And still we're all insensitive to other people's needs and feelings.

In whatever way, it’s ironic to realize and fathom that most of the country’s affluent citizens are preoccupied in shedding those extra pounds in their bodies to achieve the shape they jones for. On the other hand, the indigent children in the African nations are scrawny and spindly not that they're craving for that Paris Hilton-built but the sad reality is they don’t have enough food to eat.

In continuation, those Valley Girls that we’ve known are scuttling just to get hold of their whimsical and capricious wants like their Armani denims, Chanel scents, Louis Vuitton carryall which are the hottest items in la-la land. And still they're unkind also to our impoverished brothers. To add insult to injury, our well-heeled and callous socialites as well are actively engaged whooping it up with the rich and famous clan in the community. And they merely blustering their extravagant cruises and lavish junkets away from their mother country.

We guess that you still have a soft spot for our destitute and poverty-stricken fellow-men. In case you want to give something for a good cause, Angel Ministries is the right organization to course your donation. You can Donate a Car so the proceeds could be placed into the Ministry’s worthwhile projects such as an educational and Free Children's DVDs. Further, your Car Donations could be earmarked to make antidrug documentaries for their campaign against drug dependence. So, these are the admirable works done by Angel Ministries at this moment.


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