Wednesday, November 14, 2007

GNGWC Japan Regional Final will be held on Nov. 17th

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- One hundred and two players who survived from online provisional selections will compete to acquire only 17 tickets at Quest Hall, Tokyo.

Starting with ‘Navy Field(’ from last September, GNGWC Japan regional final online provisional selections finished with ‘Silk Road(’ division. 102 players who selected from online provisional selections will compete to have Grand Final (Seoul, Korea) tickets on Nov. 17th at Quest Hall, Tokyo.

Only two Japanese players out of 17 players will be selected for Grand Final in Silk Road division. Player who hunts more monsters at the dungeon will be advanced to the next tournament match. The ‘Shot Online’ will select two players out of 8 players with 9-hole stroke play tournaments.

Also ‘Lunia’ will select winners who won 2 out of 3 matches with 1-on-1 tournament match, but final two players will have 3 out of 5 matches to be winner of Lunia division.

The ‘War Rock(’ will have 5-on-5 team death matches and only one team will be join the Grand Final and Navy Field will select two clans which consist with 15 members each for the Grand Final.GNGWC regional finals, supported by KT, are finished with this Japan regional final. Players who selected from Europe, USA, S.E. ASIA, Japan, and Korea will compete for No.1 place on Dec. 1st at GNGWC2007 Grand Final. Each division winner will receive 5,000(USD), 2nd place for 3,000(USD) and 3rd place for 1,000(USD). For more information:

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