Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet a real winner

Just in time for the Holiday season, Nokia N810 Internet Tablet invades North America, specifically the US market. Candidly, N810 is teeming with a couple of unique bents such as a slide-out keyboard, embedded GPS, multimedia player and Wi-Fi to be employed during VoIP calling.

Apart from those already cited flairs, N810 boasts a touchpad screen, Mozilla-based browser and a lightning-fast 400MHz processor. It comes as a surprise that N810 is driven by Maemo Linux-based OS2008 rather than having its usual Symbian platform. We’re glad too that its Mozilla-based browser features an Ajax and Adobe Flash 9 add-ons for a richer and breathtaking internet browsing. To wrap-up this scoop, Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is available at Amazon, Pcmall and Circuit City online retailers. So, if you have 479 bucks now then this shiny gadget could be yours in a jiffy.


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