Monday, December 03, 2007

Accountancy Jobs Abroad for me!

As a Financial Professional, even though you’re working hard over a long period, your professional career stagnates since your unbending boss doesn’t recognise the sacrifices you’ve shared to the company you’re associated with. In that case, perhaps it’s a well-timed decision to look for an accountancy jobs abroad. In some sense, you can enjoy a more challenging and rewarding offshore job in Bermuda, Cayman, Australia and New Zealand in which there’s a shortfall of Financial Experts’ jobs in those warm places.

The newest arrival in the financial services recruitment scene,, has achieved three important goals in its second month of operation. Firstly the company has achieved a number one ranking on Yahoo for its key search term ‘accountancy jobs abroad’ which is unprecedented in such a short space of time. Secondly the company has signed up its first five employers to the site including two ‘Big Four’ Accountancy firms in Bermuda. Two leading captive management firms again mainly present in Bermuda, but also with opportunities in Cayman, the US, Barbados, and Ireland. Thirdly and finally the company was a headline article in one of Bermuda’s leading newspaper’s business section. Namely the Bermuda Sun. The article entitled “Job Site Aims to Fill Accounting Skills Gap” outlined the company’s aim to provide flexible recruitment solutions to employers however as the company is totally web-based this will be achieved through competitive commission rates.


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