Friday, December 14, 2007

Be part of AvotmV

Frankly speaking, when we were just starting to keep our attention completely about mobile phones, it was an unnerving task to transfer a lone video clip to our wireless handsets. In the beginning, what we did at an earlier time, we downloaded an application specifically a video converter to transform our picked videos into a DIVX format. Then, we had to install a separate DIVX movie player into our handsets to play our formatted video content.

Unluckily, that was a trial and error method on account of whenever the outcome fizzled out we have to repeat the whole tricky and uphill process once again until you get the wished result. Conveniently, those grueling routines were things of the past since we ran across a matchless web-based video platform known as AVOT mV.

Moreover, as we were skimming the Avot mV - Product Site, we luckily found out that we could profoundly search the internet for videos available for viewing via the shiny Apple’s Iphone and Ipod Touch gizmos. In addition, we simply have to direct our mobile browsers to, then download and install the cited application. And in a jiffy we can instantly enjoy watching our fave videos thru our mobile phones. For more info, you can drop by at Avotmedia’s
Official Blog and Corporate Site for the nitty-gritty part of how to employ this top-notch mobile application in your favor.


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