Saturday, December 01, 2007

Feel good with DubaiApartments

On the present day, Dubai is one of those advanced, freestanding and flourishing economies in the Arabian Peninsula. And as an emirate under the tutelage of Emir Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai’s revving economy chiefly leaned on its vast oil reserve. In spite of those riches in the oil industry, Dubai’s calculating technocrats and industrialists were not resting on their earned laurels since their oil reserve is rapidly drying up, 20 years from now according to some pundits in the oil industry.

In this regard, Dubai’s bigwigs were searching a viable, valuable and effectual ways of dealing with this serious matter for the country’s sustainable development without relying heavily on its dwindling oil reserve. Thus, Dubai’s meditative authorities brought out the potential of its tourism industry. For this reason, the Real Estate sector is booming as well amidst the collapsing oil industry in the region.

Aside from those conspicuous accomplishments in the property sector and tourism industry, a great number of economic zones were mushrooming in the region such as the Dubai Maritime City, Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City. All of those mentioned economic zones mainly cater to the needs of the IT industry and the Financial Institutions as well like the banking industry. As a favorable upshots a couple of Herculean American firms were branching out into Dubai’s Financial and IT parks with the likes of Oracle Corporation, IBM (Lenovo) and Mr. Gates’ Microsoft Corporation.

Plus, international media entities were putting up their offices in Dubai such as MBC, CNN, Reuters, CNBC, Bloomberg, BBC and APTN. In effect, dubai hotel apartments were sprouting too in the modern and high-tech Business parks all over the region. That said—the hard-working office workers from those multinational companies could avail and enjoy those affordable dubai hotels or apartments in dubai with a homey settings just like home. Eventually, Dubaiapartments is the effective solution for your housing and lodging needs whether you are in for business or for your much needed holiday break in the City.


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