Saturday, March 29, 2008

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As I was searching the boundless cyberspace for an answer how to download homebrew games for my child’s slim and light Playstation Portable also known as PSP for gamers, it buffaloed me that there were enormous amount of solutions for my problem available in the internet.

In a nutshell, I was very cautious to try every possible solution offered by anyone due to the fact that if you happen to execute it incorrectly there’s a big chance that your handheld gaming device would be dead or become brick in the PSP gamer ‘s lingo.

I did tried all the available methods at hand and luckily my child’s gadget weren’t brick because I did the proper thing to make a magic memory stick first and the next thing that I did was to convert the slim battery as a triggering device to enter your PSP onto service mode.

One of the effortless methods that I used was Hellcat’s Universal Unbricker to make the magic memory stick. In addition, to turn you slim battery into a Pandora Battery, what I did was to open the battery and removed the 5th leg of the IC04 microchip. Until this time, I don’t know yet what’s the rationale behind of cutting the 5th leg.

Nevertheless, I was glad that after I inserted the magic memory stick and Pandora Battery it’s started flashing and installing a new custom firmware for the gadget and to be exact, it’s 3.71 m33-2 customized firmware now which could accept homebrew games.

And after the sleepless nights of figuring out how to unravel the full potential of the gadget, it’s the time that we have to play online entertainment such as games from Casino Tropez Promotions to take our much needed breather once in a while.



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