Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A day with Classless Society

Each and every one has a different perspective, standpoint and principle in life. In as much as we have a distinct social status and rank in the community in which we are resident of that specific village.

For this apparent reason, we have to abide and follow the ethos, customs and conventions of the in-group wherein we are associated with.

In effect, whether we like it or not we are under the pressure of our peers and immediate family to belong with the assemblage unless we would like to be isolated like an eremite or a caveman in the backwoods.

Moreover, concerning our personal faith, it is also our birthright what ecclesiastical spirituality to embrace with and reach out to our supreme being such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islamism and Judaism except when we want to be an agnostic, , apostate, atheist, heretic, pagan, skeptic and just a straightforward freethinker of the theological realm.

As a further matter, it is also a matter of your personal choice to adhere to common belief of the community elders or you have a profound belief which is at odds with what is generally acceptable for everybody in the locality.

In our workplaces too, there is superior and rank and file relationship within the organization.
Not only in your company but it is present in the corporate world on the whole.

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