Saturday, May 17, 2008

Designing a Search Engine Friendly Websites

Every sensible business owner has a plan to have a website that reflects the outstanding corporate image of their company. Inasmuch as they have plans too to own a website design which is relevant with reference to the products and services the company is pushing to their clientele.

But we think that some business owners are not aware of the expenses that they have to shoulder whenever they will decide which quotation to single out which is submittted by web design contractor who will do the dirty job in their behalf.

Apart from those basic requisites in setting up your website, it’s also of great importance to have a knowledgeable copywriter who will be responsible to draft the content for your website. For the reason that even though you have the best designed site, if you have a pathetic write-up scribbled by your so-so copywriter then it defeats the purpose of having an online presence. Though, the website’s design is one of the salient factors that we have to consider as well.

Candidly, a whiz kid in Photoshop CS3, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, Adobe Flash CS3, Adobe Fireworks CS3 and other web design software is a must to have a professionally done website.
On the other hand, though a Flash-based website will render a breathtaking experience for your visitors but it’s not a search engine-friendly website because Google Search Engine couldn't interpret SWF files when the bot crawls your site.

In addition, even high-def images are not good for the search engines because a search engine is not capable of reading and interpreting your photos. However, it’s a critical attribute for your human visitors but not for the Big G’s search engine. In some way slapping your website with great photos help in seizing the attention of our human visitors because we know in the first place that we’re making a website for human visitors not for Google bots.

In the final analysis, in our experience those are the pricey requirements for our websites since we could negoatiate a cheap web hosting plans if we will just look for those web hosting companies who are offering rock-bottom price for its clients.

Plus, it’s also significant to read web hosting reviews and web hosting articles in which you can settle which outfit to choose from. And which web hosting house is having an excellent customer support in case an unlikely event occurs in the future.


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