Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Hottest Izea's Brainchild

We have been a certified PPP member since January of 2007 when at that time getting a task was a no-brainer grind even for PR0 blogs.

Those were the good old days my friends that we want to cherish because of the laid-black style the PPP pundits had been pampering to their spoiled brat members then.

So, it was an easy jobbie to top off your Paypal Treasury at those times. To sum up, those were the times of our life also when the Big G aka the Big Brother haven’t spanked yet the posties’ blog with PR0 every now and then.

After all, IZEA created another great rendezvous for advertisers and posties alike; the freshly baked SocialSpark in particular. And we’re one of the posties who had the chance to get an invitation from them.

Unluckily, we don’t have a verified blog as of the moment because the customer love kept on insisting that we should be in the business for 3 months with 20 posts on its archive. In fact, this lowly blog has been around for three years now since its inception.

Probably, since they’re still in the Beta stage; so we expect that we have to hurdle a couple of bugs in their site from time to time. Nevertheless, it seems the newly-hatched service is promising because they impose a no-follow tag for the entries presented to ensure the PR of the posties will be properly protected from future PR demotions and the precious PR of the advertisers too.


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