Friday, May 16, 2008

Simply Source-Independent Financial Advisers!

We’re almost sure that most of us here who are reading this piece of write-up would agree to us that people nowadays are not that favorable of setting apart a portion of their paychecks for the rainy days.

Even though they’re also open to the idea to spare a fraction of their wages for the future but still they couldn’t resist the urge to buy the stuffs they don’t really need.

They realize only when they arrive at their homes and after much brooding they concede that the thingies they’re buying weren’t an essential item for them after all.

In fact, we’re unaware also that we’re always bombarded with ads by those manufacturers with feel-good products that only promote impulse buying.

Unluckily, we’re also victims of this current commercialism that encourages everyone to spend everything in our pocket just to impress our buds that we’re part of the in-group.

So, if we want to kick start our austerity measures, then we have to consult the financial astuteness of the Independent Financial Advice especially from the Source folks.

In this way, we could have free assessment of our financial status whether we’re planning for our children’s education, investment, pensions, estate planning and even tax advice.


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