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2D MMORPG ‘WindSlayer’,“Evolve with User and Market”

Avocado Entertainment (Representative Sung Jun, Kim, announced that they will begin the second CBT session of 2D MMORPG ‘Windslayer(” that had been provided by Avocado via GSP(Global Service Platform), starting from July 1.

Avocado Entertainment have finished the first session of CBT last month. Then they expanded its GM in English speaking countries and hired native people to edit the contents. Avocado thus tries to provide services that are equivalent to that of Korea to different countries. Korea was the first place to have WindSlayer services. Moreover they are planning to reinforce game system and security with a view to provide stabilized Internet infrastructure. They are motivated by the fact that users are the key factor to make WindSlayer evolve and grow.

However there are potential problems, such as number of users before the OBT session, game span, rack and etc. Reasons for these potential issues could be verification need and different infrastructures in different countries. We have met director Jae Suk, Choi who is in charge of overseas marketing to learn more about WindSlayer and their overall service plans.

To being with, what words do you think best describe 2D vertical scroll MMORPG ‘WindSlayer’?

WindSlayer put all-effort to maximize actions. People might have a vague idea when they hear the word ‘action’. In general MMORPG, great arms, armors and liquid medicine are the important factors that determine the outcome of a war. However WindSlayer has a variety of action features, for instance, you can jump and attack the enemy from the back of their head, you can defend and attack at the same time, at a right timing to maximize the power. How well you coordinate different features and skills of a character would be the best way to win a battle.

What experiences do you have in order to make WindSlayer more interesting?

Existing MMORPG game had a single round PVP battle. WindSlayer, on the other hand, has an all-time battle field called, ‘Field of honor’, other than a hunting ground to hunt monsters. WindSlayer’s Field of honor can hold maximum 10 users versus 10 users at one time. Field of honor also provides team matches, death matches and snatching flag games.

How was the outcome of first CBT?

We were able to find bugs after doing the first CBT. It is necessary to verify them due to different Internet surroundings around the globe. Computers with different options could cause rack problem. This has been quite controversial. Using different web browsers or graphic chips could cause the problem.

Second CBT session would not have additional contents or game functions. It is focused on stabilizing the system by dealing with bug and rack problems that we have found after running the first session. We also have plans to locate our server at IDC, in North America. We would like to prove the new game contents and functions during the OBT.

How do overseas game users evaluate WindSlayer?

Some users viewed WindSlayer as an imitation of Maple Story. However, the actual users have played WindSlayer say that there are a lot of different features. They say that PVP battles are fascinating. Not only the ways to control keypad are different, but also WindSlayer requires more intuition because it is more dynamic. Besides, WindSlayer can be installed in computers with less option. That makes WindSlayer more accessible in various countries.

Limited contents and options were pointed out by some users. But we don’t think this would be a problem. We are still at CBT level, and contents and options could be added anytime along with the growth of user population and playing conditions.

Could you explain overseas expansion strategy via GSP?

We prioritize North America than any other region. We plan to establish a legal corporation in the States. As to the rest of the countries, we definitely need more time to consider. We should approach countries with consistency, but it is also important to take into account local cultures in different countries. These are the complicated things about overseas marketing.

Windslayer began its service from year 2005 in Korea. How is GSP distinguished from the local services that are already in proress?

We had global service in mind from the developmental stage of the game. Windslayer has a variety of cultural elements from many part of the world such as Sonokong and Samurais. Moreover the setting of the game is downtown America. The game is designed in the way that it does not place too much emphasis on certain culture or region to make

localization easier.

Services that are provided in English are not much different from the current version. Game will evolve with the market. We will provide global services by communicating to the users. Then if American users have specific demands, we will try to reflect some of their ideas to the contents.

Evolution of individuals is shown in instant dungeon and guild system. Security issues are not easily noticeable but cannot be emphasized more. They will be dealt after the OBT by introducing solutions suggested by experts.

Some users worry about the reset via GNG websites. Do you have any counterplan for that?

We don’t have any set plans by now, but we will do our best to accommodate GNG users. We will have separate publishers for each country. That will help prevent problems to GNG users as oppose to implementing service policy.

Tell us about the GSP game test schedule and its use.

Avocado Entertainment promises to provide reliable service for the users with the know-how obtained from having run the Yahoo game site in Korea. The first CBT was held from May 6~13th and the second begins on July 1st. The OBT will begin approximately from the 19th.

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