Thursday, June 19, 2008

In WindSlayer, you make ‘relationships’ and strut your stuff in ‘Battle field’!

Avocado Entertainment (CEO: Sungjoon KIM, is planning a second Closed Beta Test of a 2D horizontal scroll type casual game called WindSlayer, which is being developed by Avocado Entertainment for worldwide game users.

In WindSlayer, you will travel within a beautiful land called ‘Beaurinatia’ to become the finest/strongest adventurer. The interesting story and speedy actions will attract/peak any gamer's curiosity. In addition, the various key handling will stimulate a gamer's fingertips. For example, when hunting a monster in a PvP zone called the ‘Battle field’, a gamer will need to develop their own unique and accurate keyboard controls, as well as various combinations to gain the appropriate techniques in order to successfully fight off their enemies.

Like arcade games, the basic skills are present, including as power attacks, non-power attacks, double jumps and the use of defend keys are present in WindSlayer. Besides the uncommon skill for a causal MMORPG, ‘catch and push’ can be found within the game. This ‘catch and push’ skill leaves your enemies in a defenseless state within at closed distances. Also, the rhythmical combination of the basic skills like power and non-power attacks can make for stronger combo attacks. A gamer can enjoy more interesting playing techniques by using such skills at lower levels when monster hunting or when facing PvP combats.

While the characters job can be determined at level 10, a gamer at a level 5 or higher can enter the PvP zone ‘Battle Field’, by following the pop-up instructions by pressing the ‘F’ key on the character. This encourages a gamer's participation within the PvP zone to utilize the WindSlayer features, such as the various actions and controls available.

A gamer with different game tastes can choose from three (3) various types of PvP modes within the Battle Field. (1) A gamer can play with other players who have a similar skill level in a ‘limited level’ mode, where the gap between the player levels is limited. (2) Anyone can join the ‘unlimited level’ mode regardless of their skill level. (3) In the ‘equalization’ mode, the levels and stats of all gamers are equalized to level 40.

In addition, there is the option of completing a quest. Team matches and cute characters can be introduced as well as some additional features found within WindSlayer. A match system consists of team matches, death matches, stealing flags, etc. and supports up to 10 on 10 matches. The backgrounds and characters are designed like animation. There are about 250 various quests available within the game.

A high level gamer can also help a beginner through the ‘mentoring system’, which is a reinforcement community of MMORPG, on how to best play the game. The gamers making relationships within the ‘mentoring system’ will get rewarded by bonuses for being a part of this system.

A gamer is to choose one of six (6) jobs with gorgeous accessories to choose from for their character at level 10 for hunting, but can also complete their character with their own uniqueness and skill. Moreover, a gamer can make a ‘relationship’ with close friends and help others experience all the elements and fun found within the game.

For more information about global client downloads and other related information, please refer to the official WindSlayer global website (www.windslayer. net) or KIPA's global service platform, Game and Game (


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