Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Large Battle for 750 Users and 750 Users are able to Occupy the Area!

When you were young, you may have dreamed of being a super hero to save innocent people in your hometown and fight against enemies just like a super hero in the movies. ZzangOnline, a casual role playing online game developed by Muhangame (CEO: Seungwoo LEE) makes such dreams come true.

In ZzangOnline, you have to protect “Zzang City” from “Black Wings” who break the peace and cause chaos in areas. ZzangOnline is developed on the basis of RPG components and is composed of 6 game zones such as My room, Base map, Item Shop, Quest zone, Battle zone, and PvP zone. Also of particular interest to gamers is the capability of creating a large group battle within a Battle zone.

Each server can accommodate a maximum of 750 users for the battle within occupied areas, and winner from the battle will receive the occupying marks and rewards, which in turn encourages team work. In addition, one or more users can create guilds to play games as individual groups or a guild within a battle zone.PvP is the zone for play against many other players, in which a representative of the city is elected through a tournament.

In addition, Zzang will be elected within each area. In such various play modes, a user is given the opportunity to become a hero. Play modes consist of an individual, a guild, a team, and a death match and the rules are based on either with items or without items, or can be based on a time limit. Accordingly, a user needs to establish appropriate strategies in each case. In ZzangOnline, various actions to attack can be used.

Only users who have reached specific levels are allowed to use the unique character skills available such as maximum 8 consecutive hitting skill or combined skills. On the other hand, you may feel/see little movement of the characters. However, it is enough for a casual game with simplified operations like an old arcade game.


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