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MMORPG Neo-Steam’s unique attraction comes from the well of energy called Neo-Steam

MMORPG Neo-Steam from HanbitSoft is proving to be very popular amongst gamers in China and Japan, and its global service is set to begin with the Open Beta Test on the 20th of this month. Now let’s take a look at HanbitSoft’s aspirations for global domination with ‘Neo-Steam’.

HanbitSoft’s MMORPG Neo-Steam is commencing its global service with the Open Beta Test on the 20th of this month. Let’s take a close look at Neo-Steam, a game which is very popular in China and Japan for its unique story background.

Around the World in 89 Days, Laputa: Castle in the Sky and Future Boy Conan were the quintessential animations of the 70’s and 80’s. All of these animations were based on ‘Steampunk’ and Neo-Steam also has Steampunk as its story background. Here, Steampunk is a term derived from the term ‘Cyberpunk’, which depicts a future that changes from the influence of electronic/information technology, with the word ‘cyber’ replaced by ‘steam’ as in steam used in steam engines.

The concept of Steampunk applied to this game has created the Neo-Steam system which is a limited resource, and the user can utilize the force called ‘Neo-Steam’ to progress through the story.

"Find Neo-Steam, the source of power!”
Neo-Steam is a liquid resource that emanates a blue light. It can only be created by converting the stones that only exist on the Roaf Island (PvP zone) and is also the reason why the two nations that appear in this game fight over Roaf Island. Also, when Neo-Steam is evaporated, it creates a powerful explosion which can be used as fuel to operate various machines. The player can strategically manage Neo-Steam to strengthen his/her character through level-ups and combinations of useful items.

How is Neo-Steam used in the game?

Neo-Steam is used as fuel for rides such as steam balloons and steam riders. It is supplied to a steam tank once a day and can be used to give the player powerful attack ability through the steam machine.

Because only a limited amount of Neo-Steam is supplied in a day, it is important that the player utilizes it effectively. A machine ability can be used if the steam machine is equipped. Although a machine ability provides attach power stronger than other skills, it cannot be used continuously as it has an ‘overheat’ time and Neo-Steam Recovery should be used most cautiously as it can only be used once a day. The player will need to take all aspects of Neo-Steam usage as it is also used for rides and production.

Select a character and enter the world of Neo-Steam

Before selecting a character, the player must choose from the Republic of Rogwel with a highly developed mechanical culture and the Elerd Kingdom which worships the light and the magical gold dragon. Different graphics and music are used for each of these two nations to suit their different cultural backgrounds. For example, music with a fast beat and melodies suitable for the theme of Steampunk is used for the Republic of Rogwel to increase the player’s absorption into the game. For the Elerd Kingdom, mysterious yet sophisticated music appropriate for the world of Steampunk is used.

The player can select up to 8 types of occupation according to the nation of his/her choice. The 8 types of occupation are divided into combat and supporting roles.

Neo-Steam has distinctively different races. There are 4 types of races: human, elf, foam and beast. The humans have an advantage when dealing with NPC merchants and additional gold can be acquired after hunting foam. The elves have an advantage of not being pre-emptive attacked by their enemies. The foam have an advantage of being able to equip more items than the other races, and the beasts can move faster than the other races. Of course, all of these characteristics are acquired through level-ups.

Through these individual characteristics, the players can select and use characters that suit their own characters. In order to upgrade your level fast, a character that has ability to summon will be needed.

Moreover, each character has a pet from the start of the game. These pets play a wide range of roles including giving advice during game play, assisting combat and recovering health. The players will enjoy the company of these cute pets which have a growth system that will add to the fun of the game.

Develop your character and compete against other players!!

One of the traits of online games is that the characters of the players are reflected in game play. As well as the age group, manner and ability of the players which shape game play, a player system created by the players themselves is of importance.

Needless to say, Neo-Steam is filled with a variety of battlegrounds that will engage the players. It utilizes a PVP system. A PVP zone is a system which allows battles between players and players will not lose their experience level during PVP situation but acquire soul crystals instead. The soul crystal acquired in this manner is used to complete the quests given by the NPC.

An example of a PVP zone is the Rear Land, an outlaw land outside the Roaf Island and sovereignty of the two nations. Additionally, a battle where the steam core is fought over, PVP gamers group of action games between the 2 nations to select the best player through PVP at special times and siege warfare to claim the steam core owned by the 2 nations take place repeatedly.

High-quality but the battle system fails to differ

Neo-Steam, which has intensively utilized the concept of Steampunk, is showing high quality overall. The quality of the graphics texture may be somewhat regrettable but a sense of distance is given through the blur processing, and despite the texture quality being relatively lower than other games of recent times, the graphics concept is making up for this shortcoming.

However, the battle system fails to differ from other games on the market, and the interface and balance could do with improvement. Through continuous development of its meritorious characteristics and improvements in its weaknesses, Neo-Steam will be able to take the lead in the fierce competition between MMORPGs armed by its unique game concept.

For client download and further details of Neo-Steam Global, go to the official homepage of Neo-Steam Global ( Client download is also available on Game & Game, the global service platform site of Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency (; Mmosite, a foreign site on games; Gamershell; Atomicgamer and Cgenetwork.

With its full service currently in operation in China and Japan, a demo service of Neo-Steam is scheduled to be carried out in Taiwan in the coming July.

(Illustration.1: The Neo-Steam tank is a special equipment used to store Neo-Steam. It can be acquired at a tool shop or from a technician and used to carry Neo-Steam.)

(Illustration.2: This is a machine created in the ancient time. If Neo-Steam is supplied while having this equipped, the player will be given overwhelming power.)
(Illustration3: From the left, a human and an elf)

(Illustration4: From the left, a foam and a beast)

(Illustration5: The battlefield and Elerd Kingdom can be entered from the Nasdaim Village, and the Republic of Rogwel can be entered from the Ganedin Village through the battlefield NPC.)


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