Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A casual game, ‘Tcrew.’ “Make friends while collecting crews together!”

Dazoin (President Chae Myung pil, www.dazoin.com) announced that casual online game ‘Tcrew(http://tcrew.gamengame.com)’ will begin its service from this year end through the GSP(Global Service Platform.)

‘Tcrew’ is currently doing its OBT. A lot of Asian gamers are showing a great interest in this game. Some even became a big fan of this game. The fact that some of these Asian player are trying to play in Korea because Korea is the first place where it provides ‘Tcrew’ service, proves that there is something fascinating about ‘Tcrew.’

So we asked Director Joo Hyunggun about ‘Tcrew’ as to its fascinating power and their worldwide marketing plans.

Give us a brief introduction of ‘Tcrew’

People from all age can enjoy ‘Tcrew.’ We have harmonized the process of maturing, collecting and collaborating in this game. We have first worried that people might take it as a simple visual game because ‘Tcrew’ has small and pretty graphics. But the majority gamers turned out to be gamers in their teens, 20s and 30s. I guess people started to have less prejudice about small and cute graphics due to Japanese animation cartoons.

Is it true that there are already big fans of ‘Tcrew’?

Yes, there are. Currently GSP version is at 1.1. The first service area, Korea, has 1.6 version. That is why some of Southeast Asian players are accessing to Korean websites. Some of them are even learning Korean language to communicate with Korean players. They are mostly from Southeast Asia and Netherlands.

A while ago, a college student from Netherlands who studies international communication asked for an internship position. He is a big fan of ‘Tcrew’ and has a great interest in e-business. He is planning to visit our company around next week.

How is using GSP to provide ‘Tcrew’ service going?

Last year, we have heard positive feedback from foreign buyers regarding ‘Tcrew.’ We gained a lot of confidence. They said ‘Tcrew’ has a competitive power.

Players from overseas react if we just say ‘we provide Tcrew service’ without advertising good points of GSP. They also share information with one another. Some of them even give suggestions to remedy.

There are a big number of American gamers. Besides, there are a lot from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and England. In Asia, most gamers are from Southeast Asia that includes Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

How do foreign gamers evaluate ‘Tcrew’? What do they say about strong and weak point?

Many say it is fun to collect ‘crews.’ There are 26 kinds of crews which is a ghost. Players can differentiate their fighting skills according to what kind of crews they have. Crews grow and mature together with the character.

As players collect crews, they want to have more and have different kinds. So players ask each other about more information on crews as to where crews are located. This activates communication among players.

Weak point is that ‘Tcrew’ is not fast enough to respond to players’ requests. It is because the company does not have enough manpower to respond to players 24/7. We are trying to come up with a prompt and efficient measure to solve this issue.

How is GSP different from the original international service?

There would not be a big change. Fantasy game does not show much difference in the West and East. We are retouching the background pictures according to the voice of a player. And we are also planning to add two more main characters and make it six.

Tell us about GSP game test schedule and its practice.

Now it is currently doing OBT. Regular service will start from the end of this year. In Korea, 80% will be opened to the public and the rest will introduce new features such as user interface or guild system within the game.

Using GSP will enable players to team up with players in Brazil or England. They can even make friends. These are the things that we expect as we prepare the test.

In practical sense, optimizing circuits according to PC and network environment would be crucial. This will be also very important when updating Tcrew’s guild battle and boss stage.

Lastly leave a few words for Tcrew players.

Tcrew is continuously evolving. We need a certain amount of time to upgrading it, so please be patient. We would do our best to bring better service in the near future.


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