Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A MMORPG '4 Story', "The last hero is the user"

Zemi Interactive stated that they are going to host PRE-OBT for their upcoming global service of MMORPG ‘4 STORY’ this month.

Recent export of MMORPG ‘4 STORY’ to Germany and Japan has triggered the booming of it’s global service. In addition, the title has been drawn comparison to WOW from users in Germany where they have just started the service. The reason was similarities on graphic and quest system. On that, the management says “Users who have played the game do not agree.”

Although, judging on whether such a controversy will benefit or harm depends on users, 이 we are to explore more on the title. We interviewed Mr. Shin Hyun Ho who is a chief of 4STORY game programming for more detail.

What is the word best describe the title ‘4 STORY Online’?

It would be ‘story’ and ‘war’. Story can be shown on serial storyline on our homepage and a quest system running the story altogether. Another word ‘War’ is depicted by RSC system which realize the issues of war hangs on brain and strategy not mere numbers so forth allows users to enjoy a strategic battle.

What is 4STORY telling in the game.

There are two main theme that 4STORY refers to. First theme is 3 stories of 3 countries that the title’s scenario is containing and the second theme is the 4th story of the users their own. This title is more than simple level-ups that most Online titles are about. We wanted to put cultural contents within the title. So more emphasis on the scenario and it’s world view was put.

So it emphasize on the story and the world view, tell us more about 4STORY’s world.

What came on our mind when started building the world of 4STORY was the ‘Serial Novel’ or serial storyline. I started writing it on my own. The process was charged by former reporter. He was experienced on Japanese Manga and translation.

The novel covers the timeline before the actual game starts and the story after separately on serial novel. It is on steady publication In Korea the title’s first serviced area and the storyline gives constant effect on quest or NPCs in game so forth will have much impact on flow of the game.

Can you introduce the RSCS which is the core of 4STORY’s system to users?

When yet to occupy a region, 7parties with 7 members per party can join the conquest and a leader shall be elected freely in a community but usually a guild-master hold the position. The system allows leader to give a order to companions by chatting window. By clicking on teammates of friendly forces on Mini-map with SHIFT key pressed, all the team players can view the each individual’s order on Mini-map.

This function is especially useful for beginners. When a player is lost, more experienced users can help them out by joining as a party and show on a map places for quest items and so on. Moreover, if a player on party is lost while using latrine, by leader just clicking on map they can easily spot his or her party members with direction on map.

As you are expecting the Global service, do you have any specific marketing strategy so far?

Recently we exported the title to Japan and Germany by contracting a publisher, in north America region, we are planning to get into the market directly. We also have plan on entering Brazil market since it has been newly-emerging market. As users of Brazil have warlike tendency, they favor on MMORPG type titles and PVP or titles with large-scaled battlefield.

We have past experience on Global service with such titles as Traviana. At that time we had much trouble on system requirements as the title required 3D Graphic Card. It was bitter experience not knowing the Global market condition, this time will be much better because 4STORY has fairly low system requirements.

How are the contents of overseas service different to those in Korea the first service area.

They are about the same. Only the language will be translated to English. Amount of contents will be six of 14 maps wil be opened first and number of quests 1000 but will reach approximately around 3000 after we are finished with a quest work schedule.

Lastly, please add a few more words for users who interested in 4STORY

I guess not much more words are needed but I’ll guarantee you that once you connect to our title and spend some time with it, you won’t regret. Hope the users just enjoy a strategic warfare as much as they want.

In addition, client download and more infos and details on ‘4STORY’ can be found on official site of 4STORY Global(http://tcrew.gamengame.com> and you can also down a client on www.gamengame.com a site for global service platforms managed by Korea Software Development Agency.


Dean said...

I would storngly recomend playing this game while its out (for the Pre-Open Beta [Closed Beta])

Even though it is broadly said to be a WoW copy... it is not, I do see vague similarities but it is definitely not.

I'm having a lot of fun with it and recomend this to new players. As an old WoW vet whos grown tired of the WoW world, this is definitely new, exciting, and best of yet... free!

free mmorpg on 5:05 PM said...

4STORY is a great free mmorpg

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