Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Nobody does it like Viddiction

It's a sure-fire thing that maintaining an online blog or a weblog is the in
stuff this very day. In addition, many folks who were engaged in blogging had
carved their special niche in the blogosphere in which the said avenue
had given them the opportunity to showcase their knacks for writing
and earning a few nickels at the same time.

However, if you're a phenominal blogger, it's a lock that blogging is your
road to stardom aside from raking in a sizeable amount of dough as a payoff for your chosen grind. Unluckily today, in all honesty, blogging's glitter slowly nosedives owing to the
fact that there were many blogs that were mushrooming in every nook and

Despite that unhappy circumstance Brainstem Cybermedia cooks up
a neat alternative in lieu of blogging and we're batting about a video sharing
site known as Viddiction wherein you can showcase your videos over
the internet. Besides, signing up with the video sharing site is a no sweat work for anyone who wants to struts his videos over the Web. In this way , you can swag your action-packed videos to your families and to your friends
as well.

As luck would have it, anybody who wants to share his video thru Viddiction has the chance also to walk off with the cash for videos (500 bucks) such as the Dizzy video which to my mind is a fair bet.
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