Thursday, July 03, 2008

Passion for Glenn Beck

Though Glenn Beck had made several controversial and tendentious pronouncements in the matter of social issues [his skepticism about the truth with regard to Global Warming which were championed by Al Gore and other Hollywood Stars] and political viewpoints [his support of the infamous Iraq War], it can’t be repudiated that the forthright hombre has a huge following in the US which is evident thru his top-rated radio show, The Glenn Beck Program in particular which hashes out those fiery current events.

By the same token, though Glenn Beck underwent a number of lowdown circumstances in his life such as heavy drinking and drug dependence, yet the hombre has managed to find the key to his success as an accomplished radio broadcaster and as a renewed person by joining the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

To my mind, he’s worthy of our accolades because of those professional achievements and personal uprightness he enjoys. So, please look out for Glenn Beck’s political tour and the Dallas Show on July 17th to personally witness Glenn Beck struts his wares during the big event.
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