Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Why don’t we raise a ‘Crew’ together?

120 different kinds of ‘Crews’ are looking for ‘Crewers’ to raise them!

Dazoin (President Chae Myung pil, www.dazoin.com) announced that they are planning to provide their ‘Tcrew’ online game service to global users starting from this year end.

Dazoin expressed their interests in game industry. A person from Dazoin said, “In Asia these days, there are even gamers who are trying to learn Korean language in order to get more information about online games.” What these gamers are trying to probe is mostly about ‘Crew’. Let’s now then learn more about what ‘Crew’ is all about.

‘Tcrew’ is an adventure game that is full of action and transformation. As we could second guess from its name ‘Tcrew’, ‘Crew’ would be the most important factor of this game. ‘Crew’ is a ghost and there are 120 different kind of it. It is a friend who matures and grows with the character. Level of a crew gets higher as it gets more intimate with the character by collecting items and using fighting skills together. ‘Legendary crew’ and ‘Rare crew’ appear from time to time at ‘Boss card’ that guides the player to a dungeon where the Boss lives. Therefore if you want an extraordinary crew you should also endeavor to hunt the Boss.

(Picture description: Above is ‘Fire crab’ that uses a fire, below is ‘Rudy’ that uses water to fight)

Game modes/stages can be divided into adventure, boss and a fight according to different purposes. If you want to raise a crew, you could start playing ‘adventure’ where you could collect various jewels and items. If you get a boss card during the adventure, you can go onto a boss stage. You could acquire all kinds of advanced cards at this stage. These cards represent an interface environment and game system which show information about item collection of a Tcrew.

The ones who control crews are called ‘Crewers’. At a ‘fight’ stage, crewers can match against each other. It is important to understand their own traits and set a good team strategy to win a match.

Currently there is an official website about this game. Only 26 kinds of crew are opened to the public on OBT contents version that is 1.1 version. 1.6 version have been developed and there will be more contents opened to the public in the near future.

With regard to downloading Tcrew Global and other related information can be found at the official website (http://tcrew.gamengame.com.) Client download is also possible at ‘Gamengame’ (www.gamengame.com) that provides a worldwide service by the Korea Software Promotion Agency.



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