Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Is the Media Openly Supporting Obama's Presidential Ambition?

It’s a common knowledge that if Senator Barack Obama from Illinois wins the presidential derby this oncoming November, he would be the first black POTUS in the US history. On the other hand, with respect to the assumption that the American media is openly shoring up Senator Obama’s presidential ambition is only a false impression of the ordinary people. Why I’m coming out this type of viewpoint, it’s because this popular misconception just shape up in the bar of public opinion since he has the funding to pamper the media people with his dough and above all he has an abundant war chest in comparison with the other candidates. And frankly speaking, a continuous flow of cash is a must in order for a certain presidential hopeful to embark a rigorous presidential campaign. So, this is the reason why it appears that the media folks are blatantly supporting Obama’s candidacy.

source: UberSpat


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