Thursday, August 21, 2008

Korean online game shines in Leipzig, Germany

GC (Games Convention), which is one of the three major world game exhibitions, will be held from 21st to 24th in Leipzig, Germany.

Germany’s GC is a major international game exhibition along with America’s E3 and Japan’s Tokyo Game Exhibition. GC has all kinds of online, console games with participants from worldwide.

Korean online games came into the spotlight during this international game exhibition, GC.

European round of GNGWC, 2008, will be held during the GC. GNGWC is a prominent online game in Korea. This will be a good opportunity for Korean online game companies to promote themselves to Europe market.

GNGWC, 2008 will happen in GC exhibition hall on 21st. There will be four online games including Silk Road Online during the regional match.

Players for this match have been selected through online preliminary round. The winner in the regional matches will be invited to take part in the final match that will take place in Korea. They will be a representative of each country.

During the Shot Online’s European round that happened from Aug 1st to 8th, 12 players were selected out of 3,800 players after fierce competition.

An English player who survived the semifinals last year has been selected among the 12 players. Many are interested in whether he would reach the finals this time. German players were outstanding this year during the preliminary compared to last year. They will certainly make history this year during the finals.

Atlantica has been adopted as an official game for GNGWC, 2008. It is their first time this year. Atlantica has started its 2nd CBT session on August 7 that overlapped with GNGWC’s European preliminary round. However approximately thousand players have participated and 16 players were selected on August 14.

Silk Road Online selected 16 players during European round that took place from August 5 to 6. There are two European players among the 16 players who reached the finals last year. And they are making the attempt to participate in the finals this year as well.

Navy Field’s European preliminary round happened for 25 days. Four clans reached the final round of the regional league. 8 clans with 200 players from many different countries took part in the online preliminary. Two teams from Germany, one team from Poland and England each (including Northern European nations) reached the regional final match.

However GNGWC’s position as a global game competition has been successful as it was held for the third year this year. GNGWC differentiates itself from other game competition because it has prominent Korean online games only. There will be various events and performances for gamers and participants. It will be an exciting and interesting time for participants.


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