Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Secret of Turn-base Battle - MMORPG ‘Atlantica’ will be now revealed on coming July

NDoors plans to get feedback from users and run a test to check stability of its own developed MMORPG game, Atlantica, on July, before it begins servicing internationally.

Atlantica has been the only game that fared well through the first half of the year. After gauging its success in domestic market, Atlantica is now ready to take the air to markets abroad.

Producer Kim Taegon who has been taking charge of Atlantica confidently told us that Atlantica is fascinating enough to attract foreign users. He also said that usually after developing a game manpower are reallocated to produce new games. However, as for Atlantica, more workers are recruited to complement its contents.

The Atlantica troop, with its leader, Producer Kim, is about to land on foreign markets starting from North America that is followed by Europe and Southeast Asia.

We asked NDoors by letter regarding their preparation to penetrate North American market.

Q : What feedback did foreign users give with regard to Atlantica?

A : We posted CG Trailer Movie on a teaser site to get feedback from users in North America. Because Atlantica was on a teaser site, that means it has not been fully exposed to the public, users have mostly made comments on the clip itself. Users are comparing it with existing RPG such as WOW and they wishing to take a look at the actual game or a screen shot rather than a CG clip.

We are planning to disclose the official clip of turn-base battle which is the Atlantica’s forte and information that has to do with world view, economy and community system through media and our official website.

Q : Tell us about GSP game schedule and its use.

A : GSP game will start from coming July. We will decide on the schedule after getting feedback from users and testing its stability. We are not concerned about the stability issue because it has been already tested in Korea. Nonetheless, accommodating users’ convenience and reexamining, editing languages will be continuously in progress by getting feedback from users while the above test is being run. Moreover we will seek opportunities to promote and boom up Atlantica in many different countries by running GNGWC.

Q : A number of foreign users are concerned about GSP server reset. Do you have any measure to cope the situation?

A : GSP server is more like a trial in the global market. However Atlantica plans to continue its official service without a reset, so users do not need to worry about that.

Q : How does GSP different from the existing local service?

A: GSP is literally a global service therefore it does not consider localization as much as other services which target a certain area. However Atlantica is based on the real world. It travels orderly from Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe to North America. So we are trying to do more historical research and make relevant natural environment, historical relics, historical events and people appear in order to make users feel more comfortable and familiar as they play on their own continent.

Q : Do you have any solutions as to localization that has been criticized as a limit of GSP?

A : We plan to provide many languages with one client because it is a global service. Users can select whatever languages they want, but English would be the basis. The first draft of related translation works will be entrusted to specialized agency, then it will be revised by the game producers. By doing so, we could maintain the quality of translation and guard the traits of Atlantica.


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