Monday, October 20, 2008

4STORY Online: Maiden Voyage

* Developer: Zemi Interactive Inc.
* Genre: Fantasy MMORPG
* Status: Open Beta
* Platforms: Windows
* Website:

After 3 Pre-OBTs, 4Story online will start its open beta on 20th Oct. 2008 06:00 PM (PST).

Officially launching the open, 4story online added several new features as below.

We have updated early tutorial quests and letter quests in the early stages for the newcomers. In addition, we have modified images of the named boss monsters & items, localizing errors, and fixed the bug of monsters’ movements and map problems. And also improved the skill effect

More fun, better performance, unbelievable experiences are waiting for the gamers.

As a commander, the guild master should protect their own members with RSCS (Real Time Command System, which is the first trial on MMORPG) for success in RVR.

4Story online is the 3rd MMORPG made by Zemi Interactive, which is also the maker of Traiva and Dragongem. 4Story is a free massively multiplayer online role playing game.

Now, it’s time to enjoy 4Story online~!


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