Sunday, November 02, 2008

HTC Touch Pro is on sale now

For those folks who were eagerly waiting the sale of HTC Touch Pro handset, the wireless gizmo is up for grabs now thru Sprint Wireless. The wireless gadget would costs anyone around 299.9USD with a 2-year contract to the previously mentioned wireless provider. In a nutshell, HTC Touch Pro crows a Full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, Windows Mobile 6.1 OS with touch control, Sprint Music Store, Sprint TV® enabled and GPS enabled to boot.


BJ_Sprint on 9:28 AM said...

Thanks for posting the news! I am a representative for Sprint and I have been seeing all types of chatter around the internet in anticipation of this phone. The phone is available in retail stores like Best Buy, but if you purchase the phone through a Sprint store you can take advantage of our Ready Now program, where our representatives will walk you through all the bells and whistles of your new phone so you can fully utilize it for your needs. Thanks again!

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