Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Holodomor, Genocide or Not?

During these modern times, the human race are suffering a lot of setbacks such as economic quandaries, natural calamities, man-made calamities, political persecution, racism and invidious problems which some of it were caused and brought about by power-hungry and insensitive political leaders.

These kind of human miseries and agonies which are inflicted to their gullible citizens are used as an odious instrument to gain the loyalty of the common people towards the state and government.

In this regard, a lot of tyrannized people are resorting to terrorism supposedly to take retribution and possibly to win the hearts and minds of the common people and most probably to earn the financial support of the similarly radical-minded nationals.

For instance in modern history, a lot of ordinary farm workers died during the Ukraine famine widely known as holodomor. The food shortages transpired in the period of 1932-1933 which accounted to the death of approximately 8 million living souls who were mostly Ukrainians, Russians, Jews and Poles.

As claimed by some political scholars and present-day historians the said widespread famine in Ukraine was triggered by the Soviets to put an end to Ukrainian nationalism.

So, until these days, the heart-rending starvation is still the subject of hot debate among political pundits whether it was just a result of poor harvest and radical industrialization during that time. However, a lot of people stated it was a blatant genocide imposed on the Ukrainians who resisted collectivization.


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