Thursday, April 22, 2010

Men's Half Pipe

As the Olympics are just getting started, I wanted to see some of the hubbub. The other day, I turned on my tv. I desperately wanted to watch some Men's Half Pipe. I scrolled through the available directtv hdand I found the familiar fanfare and trumpeting I was looking for. I changed the channel to NBC on Direct TV and was shortly enthralled with snow suit clad men vying for the gold medal. The American outfit was my favorite. It appeared that they were wearing jeans and a flannel shirt as they coasted down the half pipe doing the best tricks they could muster. However, upon closer inspection it was just the design of the outfit and they were in fact properly dressed in snow clothes. I loved watching Sean White aka The Flying Tomato perform. Sean White is the best in the sport. He zoomed up one side of the half pipe to the other. He performed all of his tricks effortlessly and had the best air in the whole competition. He scored a astonishing 46.8 on his first run. The score was high enough that he was guaranteed the gold without competing in the second run. He took part in the second run anyway and did not disappoint completing it with a Double McTwist 1120. He scored a record 48.4 on the second run. It came as no shock when he took the gold.


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