Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Top Ten Business Web Hosting

Online Business is the next big thing that occurs on the web. This is the primary reason why a lot of online retailers such as Amazon, Ebay, Office Depot venture into this kind of endeavor for the reason that most of the buyers nowadays are too preoccupied to drive to a bricks and mortar shops to buy the things they need like electrical appliances, electronic gadgets, apparel, books, software and even scouting for a new apartment for their soon-to-be college students.

In this regard, as we have stated before retailers who have maintained physical shops are also plunging into online selling because of this shopping trend that is happening worldwide especially in the affluent nations like North America, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and even China who has an online presence called Alibaba which actually caters to B2B or wholesale business model.

In effect, since we have a sudden rise of online shopping activities therefore we also need to have an online shop which acts as a portal wherein the buyers snap up products from your business. In view of the fact that we need an online shop we need also an OScommerce capability of your webhost that which is a factor in business web hosting.

Frankly speaking, since we are not a guru about the best web hosting outfits on the web, we should consult first the expertise of Web Hosting geeks because they are the authority with regards to knowing which the best web host on the net.

Here are the top ten Business Web Hosting on the net today:

1. Inmotion
2. ipage
3. JustHost
4. WebHostingHub
5. WebHostingPad
6. FatCow
7. GreenGeeks
8. BlueHost
9. Hostmonster
10. GoDaddy


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