Tuesday, October 05, 2010

How to Dunk

Getting yourself into sports is one of the best and sane ideas to shape up your body. As a matter of fact, we have tons of physical exercises that we have to engage with to increase our physical strength and stamina and push ourselves to the edge so that we would be above the competition granting that we are dealing with competitive games such as basketball, boxing, mixed martial arts, rugby and football.

But the million dollar question is how do we achieve the perfect physical condition that we want for our physical well-being. Moreover, as I have raked the cyberspace to find the answer of my puzzling question, I luckily bumped into an informative and enlightening article about How to Dunk even though you are a fellow who’s stature is just 5’10 in height.

I’m touching about increasing your vertical leaping ability if you’re into basketball game. So, if you’re a Kobe Bryant wannabe this article would be a great help for you to achieve your goal to dunk the ball even though you’re not a 7-footer fellow.

These physical exercises include the basic jumping exercises, weight training, jumping rope, heavy squats, calf exercise, and plyometric exercises which would definitely improve your leaping ability to dunk the ball into the hoop.


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