Thursday, October 07, 2010

'Tic Toc House', to be broadcasted to countries around the world simultaneously through Nickelodeon

CANNES, France (AVING Special Report on 'MIPCOM 2010') -- Korea Creative Contents Agency( revealed to have held a 'Nickelodean worldwide broadcasting contract joining ceremony' of 'Tic Toc House', a children's animation selected through 2008 global project manufacturing support, at the MIPCOM ceremony hall of Cannes, France, on October 4.

In celebration of a Korean animation's simultaneous release into the world through a global broadcasting network for the first time in history, FunnyFlux, a Korean manufacturer; Zodiak, a foreign collaborative manufacturer; and Nickelodean, a broadcasting company, participated to commemorate the release of 'Tic Toc House' and make resolutions to cooperate in unfolding global business together in the future.

This contract is a global pre purchasing contract of Nickelodean's broadcast to 200 countries around the world including USA, England, Australia, and France, in 2012 through its global network. 'Tic Toc House' is also proceeding a contract with a global toy ∙ publishing company, other than this decision to be broadcasted.

Jules Borkent, Senior Vice President of Nickelodean, stated that "Tic Toc House fits in perfectly with the piece structure Nickelodean pursues, and its humor ∙ educational factors display Nickelodean's brand characteristics well; it will be widely loved by viewers from around the world."

(Picture description: From the left, Matthew Frank CEO of Zodiak Rights, Nigel Pickard Group Director of Zodiak Kids and Family, Karen Vermeulen Senior Vice President Zodiak Rights, Gil Hoon Jung President of FunnyFlux Entertainment, Youn Jean Chang Producer of FunnyFlux Entertainment , Debbie Macdonald Vice President of Nickelodeon, Jules Borkent Chief Vice President of Nickelodeon)

'Tic Toc House' is a childrens' animation series consisting of 52 chapters of 11 minutes, and is a beneficial animation in that it endows fun and education to children at the same time by transmitting stories of wooden doll friends in a world inside clocks. Many situations in each episode that talk about time tell children what time is, and how it may be used.

Such broadcasting contract of a simultaneous release around the world was the first to have been completed for a Korean made animation, and a very exceptional case in the global market as well, for a global broadcasting network such as Nickelodean to have purchased beforehand a piece just in the first steps of its production.

'Tic Toc House', which has taken its first steps in the global market through this contract, aims at exceeding 500 hundred million Won sales worldwide, through toy, game, publishing, license business, such as in the case of Nickelodean's global hit characters, 'Sponge Bob' and 'Hi! Dora'. The next steps of 'Tic Toc House', the first Korean global character, are to be highly expected.

Meanwhile, Nickelodean, which celebrates its 31st anniversary this year, is the most influential children's multimedia entertainment brand in the world. It is also a childrens' entertainment subsidiary of Viacom, one of the top 3 media groups in the world, that possesses Dream Works, MTV, Paramount, etc.

(Picture description: Gil Hoon Jung President of FunnyFlux Entertainment)

Nickelodean is broadcasted in more than 200 countries in the world including USA, and withholds more than 460,000,000 watching families. Nickelodean is in the process of advancing into many businesses by utilizing its characters, such as children's broadcasting programs such as animations, game, mobile, movies, theme parks, music records, publishing, etc, around the world.


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