Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Exciting Romantic Journey

As a human being, we are guided by the norms and the cultural practices that we have learned from our elders and direct peers as well. And since birth, we were taught how to behave and interact with our opposite sex. Though, we also learned how we should conduct and carry ourselves whenever we are rubbing elbows with the opposite sex, yet, there are things that are innate to us like our sexuality.

For example, when we were still a child we have learned from our parents that girls should be taken with care especially if you are living in a democratic society. However, if you are living in an ultraconservative society in which the patriarchal form of family governance are practiced, this is where the problem arises due to the fact the parents imposed strict rules to their daughters; while, their sons are given the freedom similar to their western counterparts.

In addition, even though the parents are overly protective to women but the sad part is that most of the male population who are living in a strict environment or society are not so open to the reality that the women species should be treated as their co-equal in terms of responsibilities, roles and opportunities in a society.

To add insult to the injury, monarchy, clerics and religious folks imposed their will to the people they governed. Sadly, the male populace maltreated and raped their opposite sex. Moreover, a lot of bisexuals are practicing sodomy to their fellow men.

However, If you were born under a lucky star, meaning you were born in a western country, you would be lucky enough to have the needed freedom to practice your religious beliefs and above all you can say what you want to the government as long as it is not seditious that you already want to topple the government.

You are also very fortunate if you are living in democratic society, for the reason that, you can practice your sexuality to the fullest. You can even marry your fellow men and the women also can marry their fellow women.

Thus, sex in a democratic society is not a taboo subject as long as you are wearing trojan condoms so that you can enjoy adult activities that you won’t think all the time of the sexually transmitted sickness when you are engaging the aforesaid activities.

In order for you to enjoy to the fullest your adult life, Personal lubricants too is freely available to anyone who’s practicing safe adult activities with his/her partners.

In this regard, assuming you want to engage in an enjoyable, exciting and relaxing adult activities with your loved ones it is a wise idea to have a swis navy lubricant at hand to have a meaningful romantic journey with your partners.


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