Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Written by my friend Constance Hayden

My eyes never really get tired when I watch TV, but they always seem to get tired when I use a computer. I use our direct tv port st lucie at least once a day for a TV show or just to watch the news. Every day, no matter what time of day I watch it my eyes are fine. As soon as I start to use a computer to do different things like check my email or work on applications, my eyes have a lot of trouble. I am not sure exactly why because the two screens seem so similar. It seems like I spend more time watching TV than I do using a computer. To me, my eyes should hurt more using the TV, but that is almost never the case. I doubt it is something that I need to go to the doctor for, but I really get frustrated with it sometimes. I have perfect vision watching an old episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but as soon as I get in front of the computer screen to check my email account, my eyes ache.


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