Saturday, February 04, 2012

Great Shows

Great Shows
Posted by Winford Tillman
I saw some great DIRECT TV DEALS advertised online a few months back and wouldn’t you know it, my husband just signed us up for my birthday. He knows I love all the shows about ghosts because well, I’m weird like that. There’s Ghost Hunters which has to be my favorite but there’s a kind of obscure show called Paranormal Activitythat is really great because it’s a bunch of college students and they actually try to “clear” the ghosts out of the house. I can’t get enough of all this ghostbusting stuff and I even asked him if I could get an electromagnetic sensor for a hobby! He told me no because he’s the opposite of into ghosts – he doesn’t really believe in them but I have a feeling if he did he would be terrified – he’s kind of like that about paranormal stuff. Anyway, I really appreciate that he got me such a thoughtful gift that I can at least use to watch ghosts even though I’m not allowed to actually hunt them!


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